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The Great Expectation for 2020/2021 Ethiopian coffee harvest

23 January 2021


The impact of Covid-19 on the coffee industry has caused undeniable changes across diverse industries, sectors, nations, and other segments. However, although many across the coffee supply chain has been affected in some capacity, precisely that effect varies from country to country.

Every coffee-producing country across the world has had its own experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. In general, while consuming countries have predominantly been affected through café closures and changes in home coffee consumption, producing countries like ours, Ethiopia has largely seen the following effects: contract cancellations, labor shortages, logistical delays, fluctuating production costs, and shifts in market demand.

There is also a great expectation from the 2020/2021 harvest as it has been projected to be even bigger than 2019/2020 with the harvest’s peak going on.

Sinopia coffee sees the way forward to put its industry and sector contribution in maximizing Sinopia’s and Ethiopia’s coffee trade performance for the 2020/2021 harvest.

We draw and capitalize on our aggregate 25 years of coffee industry experience and an aggregate 40 years of trading experience with business interventions across corporate finance, logistics and supply chains, and other commercial parameters.

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