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The Ethiopian Green Gold Performance

30 January 2021

The FDER Ministry of Trade and Industry has announced the export trade execution for 1st half of the fiscal year. Following this, the revenue from gold exports leads by 335.54 million followed by coffee exports worth 304.5 million USD. Flower, chat, and oilseeds export follow with 213.37million USD, 187.82 million USD, and 150.72 million USD respectively.

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority said it has earned 313.6 million USD in the first six months. The Authority said it has earned 304.5 million USD by exporting 91,812 tons of coffee. According to Dr. Adugna Debela, Director General of the Authority, the remaining accounts for 6.7 million USD from spices and 1.68 million USD from tea exports.

We recall the ECTA envisions earning over 1.1 billion USD by exporting 312,000 tons of coffee for this Ethiopian budget year. The figures are clear enough to indicate much of the work for the year is in the way. At Sinopia we share the sentiments and look forward to contributing at maximum for the betterment of Ethiopian coffee export performance.

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