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Pledging 25% of Profits to Social Justice, BLQK Coffee Launches in LA

07 March 2021


Coffee prices rise on weather concerns, but total global growth in coffee production may still exceed growth in demand this coffee season. Caution is warranted.

Coffee prices at year-end were about ten percent off their 2020 highs after an impressive 35 percent late-year rally.

Global coffee exports dip 3.4% in January, but rise in first four months of the season: ICO

Africa’s exports in the first four months fell by 13%, Asia & Oceania’s exports declined by 3.9%, while exports from Mexico & Central America slumped by 17.5%, as the region was hard hit by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

WCR’s Five-Year Research Strategy Prioritizes Origin Diversity and Innovation

“In 2021-2025, our strategic aim is to preserve origin diversity in the face of the climate crisis by accelerating innovation for coffee agriculture to enhance the productivity, profitability, and quality of coffee across major market segments in multiple, strategically targeted countries,” WCR said.

Coffee, health & wellness: Exploring “the original superfood”

Today, coffee is an important part of a well-balanced diet for millions of people around the world. Global health and wellness trends fuelled by younger generations have prompted many to embrace coffee as a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks.

In NC, Queen Coffee Bean Gives African Coffees the Royal Treatment

“Where were my ancestors from; what were their lives like; and most importantly, what gave them the drive to survive the treacherous boat ride to a new land? When I roast beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, the Congo, I imagine how tribes and families treated the beverage. To them, roasting and brewing coffee beans was a way to spend time with family and other people they cared about. Sharing coffee was an intentional act of building community.” said Shivers.

“Unlike anything, I had ever tasted before”: What is Wush Wush coffee?

Wushwush (no space) is a small area in southwest Ethiopia, not far from the renowned growing regions of Jimma and Sidamo. Wushwush is known for its fertile highlands, where rich, vibrant teas grow, with sensory properties like those of Wush Wush coffee.



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