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28 March 2021


U.S. Coffee Bean Supplies Are at a 6-Year Low, and More Problems Lie Ahead

Even if the shipping container situation gets resolved, multiple analysts are reportedly anticipating a global supply deficit in the coming year or two. Futures on Arabica coffee beans in New York are up about 24 percent since October, according to Bloomberg, and supplies of unroasted beans in the U.S. were down over 8 percent year-over-year last month.

Intelligentsia enters RTD coffee space

Intelligentsia, a pioneer in the third wave coffee movement, has entered the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee category with a line of flash-chilled coffee blended with Oatly oat milk, which will soon expand distribution from its specialty coffeebars to retail outlets.

Starbucks to cut down water usage in processing, achieve carbon-neutral green coffee by 2030

To make its green coffee carbon-neutral, Starbucks plans to decrease carbon emissions in its supply chain by equipping farmers with precision agronomy tools that help to decrease fertilizer use, consequently decreasing carbon emissions on their farms and resulting in increased farm productivity.


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