Ethiopian Coffee – Sidamo

31 March 2021


The coffee is grown in the Ethiopian highlands at elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level having abundant rainfall, optimum temperatures, and fertile soil which slows the growth of the coffee beans letting them absorb more nutrients giving them a more complex and richer flavor. It’s reported that around 60% of the coffee that is produced in Sidamo is washed processed.

Ethiopia's Sidamo coffees are known for their rich, complex body, as well as a vivid, vibrant aftertaste that is fairly consistent, making it a must-have Ethiopian coffee for any coffee roaster. Because of the variety of flavors and tastes, it exhibits, Sidamo coffee is often known as a blend of various flavors.

The coffee is also known for its vibrant crisp, acidity, and floral and citrus notes which are well-balanced, with cupping notes of berries and citrus, as well as complex acidity, thanks to its large coffee plantations.

When tasting, expect strong notes of lemon and tart berries as well as cane sugar. Where Sidamo differs from Yirgacheffe is in its pronounced earthiness. The coffee has a medium body and a low acidity and ends with a bright finish.

With its complex and smooth flavor, Ethiopian Sidamo represents some of the best characteristics of African coffee. Often regarded as one of the finest coffees in the world.


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