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04 April 2021

Cup of Excellence Introduces Online Sensory Training in Two New Events

Two new education- and calibration-focused programs are forthcoming from COE, and both refer to the group’s in-house Sensory Education Training (SET) program. From May 7-22, COE is hosting its first-ever virtual SET calibration course connecting learners throughout the globe with the COE’s network of education hubs.

How Shipping Disruptions Are Affecting the Specialty Coffee Industry

The nearly weeklong blockade of the canal a vital trade route between Asia and Europe will carry an economic impact extending into the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars.

Finalist coffees of the Ernesto Illy Intl Award available at illy Cafés

The best of the global coffee production of 2019/2020 includes crops from nine countries: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, and Rwanda.

Lavazza Expects Its Revenue to Rebound This Year

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic on coffee consumption in bars, restaurants, and offices, the group ended 2020 with a positive net financial position of €102 million.

NCA Report Shows Dramatic Shifts in Pandemic-Era Coffee Drinking Trends

Per capita consumption held approximately steady at about two cups a day total and three cups per day per coffee drinker. That means Americans drank an average of 646 million cups of coffee per day, according to the report.


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