2021/22 coffee overview

27 June 2021


USDA forecasts 2021/22 production down by 11 million bags

The drop in coffee production is mainly attributed to weather-related issues and Brazil’s arabica trees entering the off-year of the biennial production cycle. As a result of lower output, global ending inventories are expected to drop 7.9 million bags to 32.0 million.

Coffee capsule market to reach US $ 19.4 billion by 2025

The CAGR is anticipated to be 10%, with the growth in Sub-Saharan Africa’s working population expected to increase demand for capsules.

BMC’s research on coffee intake and a decrease chronic liver disease

Coffee consumption has been linked with lower rates of CLD. Researchers from several UK universities found all types of coffee consumption (including decaf) were linked to reduced risk of chronic liver disease. Over a 10.7-year median time frame, coffee drinkers had a 21% reduced risk of chronic liver diseases and a 49% reduced risk of chronic liver disease-related death.

Berbera port expansion

The first phase expansion of Berbera port has been executed and was officially inaugurated on Thursday , June 26 2021. The terminal corridor is jointly owned by DP World, Somaliland, and Ethiopia with 51, 30 and 19 percent shares respectively. The first phase expansion project will enable it to keep 500,000 containers and handle 1 million containers in a year.

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