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Ethiopia’s arabica alternative to global market volatility

07 August 2021

Ethiopia’s arabica alternative to global market volatility

ECTA has recently announced that the country is expecting to supply 4.6 million bags of arabica coffee in its current FY. The odds against Brazil’s and Colombia’s arabica supply decrement forecast seems to have brought an emphasis to Ethiopia’s potential supplies among the globally leading arabica green coffee importers. It is estimated that 6.7-8.8 million bags worth of damage is expected from the frost and the dry weather that preceded it. In 1994 a similar frost caused coffee prices to reach from 2.60/lb to 4.48/Lb. Experts are saying the price impacts are likely to extend into 2022. In Colombia, the second-largest arabica producer, some producers are selling coffee at 15% moisture; others are simply pulping the coffee and delivering it “wet” for the same price they would have received last year.

ICO released its 2020-2030 Sustainability Map

The Coffee Public-Private Task Force strategy roadmap includes a number of technical workstreams, including enhancing market transparency and improving gender equity and youth inclusion in the coffee industry. By 2030, the organization aims to improve the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of the supply chain.

Recognition to the very first coffee origin

The FDRE AACA has given lands for the development of the Kaffa culture center, an area known for the first coffee production in mankind’s history. The event was attended by Kaffa zone elders, higher government officials, and various stakeholders.

Coffee Bros launching an NFT project alongside the 2021 Ethiopia CoE auction

Coffee Bros announced that they are launching a non-fungible token (NFT) project alongside the Cup of Excellence for the 2021 Alliance for Coffee Excellence Ethiopia auction. 

Logistics service improvement measures 

The FDRE Ministry of Transport mentioned the measures taken to improve the logistics services during the concluded FY including the establishment of a national logistics council, improvement of the Dikil-Dagur 100 km route part of the Djibouti-Galafi road.



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