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Lunging for dependable performance

17 October 2021


Lunging for dependable performance

As Ethiopia is currently supplying more than 17,500 bags per day we had a remarkable August & July shipment which has seen an increment of 24,169mt from the same period of 2020 with 49,795.5mt of export supplies. Germany’s green coffee imports had a share of 25% with 15,689.98 mt worth of 47.55 million USD, the US imported 6,615.14 mt (10%), while Saudi’s import saw 8,538.50mt (12%) worth of 27.68 million USD.  Belgium, Japan, South Korea, China, Italy, France, and Australia took the ranks from 4th -10th. Overall, the top 10 destinations accounted for 83% import volumes & 82 % revenues with an increase of 71% & 82% import volumes & revenues respectively  compared to 2020’s same period .

EU’s green coffee bean imports rise above 7%

New EU report highlights growing coffee consumption among European countries, with roasted coffee production growing 10% in a decade. The European Union imported 2.9 MM tonnes of coffee in 2020, an increase of 7% compared with 2010 levels. The largest extra-EU imports mainly travelled to Germany and Italy, ahead of Belgium, Spain and France. In 2020, over 1.9 MM tonnes of roasted coffee was produced in the EU, up 10% compared with 2010. Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden produced 89% of the total EU production of roasted coffee in 2020. Italy and Germany were the leading producers among the EU Member States, at 616,000 and 571,000 tonnes respectively. 

ITC releases its 4th The Coffee Guide 

The International Trade Centre (ITC), released the fourth edition of The Coffee Guide on 1 October in commemoration of international coffee day. The new edition updates the latest trends of the last decade seen in the coffee industry, especially for the quality, digitalization, climate change, finance and risk, and consumer preferences.

Löfbergs sees new opportunities despite underutilized coffee harvests

According to Löfbergs, if farmers take advantage of the higher coffee prices and invest in new technology, education, and better cultivation methods, in the future they can significantly increase their capacity and yield. This has the potential to better equip the farmers for the future, and better utilize their resources to grow coffee. Löfbergs adds, the development towards full utilization of the nutrient-rich coffee plant, where less than 1% of the plant’s nutritional value is utilized & plans to use 100 per cent by 2030.

NCA find speciality coffee consumption up 50% 

According to the report, despite the pandemic heavily influencing young coffee drinkers especially their wallets, more young people are drinking coffee than ever before. The survey found that 46 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds reported consuming coffee in the past day, which marked a 10 per cent increase from January 2021. In the age bracket of 25 to 39 years olds, the NCA reported that 65 per cent had drunk a coffee in the past day.


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