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03 October 2021


Coffee harvest

The coffee harvest will start in the south in a couple of weeks. The generous rain and good weather of the previous months have favored blossoming, bean development, and cherry ripening. The trees have not suffered any specific stress like drought or excessive rain, the harvest is looking good. We are ever grateful to our hardworking producing partners for their quest for continuous improvement.

Ethiopian green coffee bean in the Chinese market

Ethiopian coffee is becoming increasingly famous in the Chinese market under the African product category. The China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo (CAETE) is also an enabling factor for this as the Chinese can now source coffee beans directly from Ethiopia, which was previously done through intermediaries in the market. This allows costs to decrease by about 30%.


The authority signed a joint agreement with regional Ethiopian coffee associations. The Ethiopian Coffee Association will promote Ethiopian coffee consumption on a global scale and represent all stakeholders of the Ethiopian coffee supply chain.

Price Spikes

Global coffee prices are forecast to jump to $4.44 a kilogram this year, according to IBISWorld, after a July cold snap in a major arabica coffee-producing region of Brazil wiped out a third of the crop.

ICO & International coffee day

ICO is calling on the global coffee community to celebrate coffee and to contribute to building Coffee’s Next Generation by sharing ideas, initiatives, programs, co-funding suggestions, stories, photos, and videos, related to coffee. This will allow showcasing the opportunities and the challenges of engaging and supporting youth in coffee production, trade, transformation, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Selected stories will feature in the company’s 2021 Coffee Development Report.



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