International coffee day

25 September 2021


ITC to launch its 4th edition coffee guide 

The Coffee Guide provides extensive information on all aspects of the coffee industry, including farming and exporting. The virtual launch will cover the ITC’s research on topics such as digitalization, consumer trends, climate change, and supply chain financial equity. The launch will take place on 1 October (International Coffee Day) at 16:00 CET.

Brazil supplies to drop 4 years low 

This represents a decrease of 25.7 million bags from last year’s harvest. Arabica production is predicted to reach a 12-year low of 30.7 million bags, while robusta yields are set to increase to 16.1 million bags.

Hard to abandon the cups 

In a survey conducted earlier this year by Califia Farms, it was revealed that coffee drinkers would rather give up social media (22 percent), TV (18 percent), alcohol (16 percent), and video games (4 percent) than their morning cup.



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