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Ethiopia’s export green coffee prices rising

05 April 2022

 Trade through the Ethiopian coffee week

The past few months Tuesdays for most have seen the slightest ups or downs upon export prices but this week we had a record price change of 14-17% increments in minimum prices. This all can be traced to ever increasing cherry , parchment prices (highest inflation rate on average 28-30%) recorded for current harvest & crop.The impacts of price gets more amplified to supplies with loose vertical sourcing arrangements. ECX's floor ended with the export-grade trade of 40,173KG natural coffees just above 8,000kgs from the previous week. The trade of Natural Sidamo covered more than 50 % while coffee from keffa bonga covered the remaining portion. Monday & Thursday were silent at ECX’S coffee trading floor.

ECTA's minimum prices for selected naturals have been going Natural Sidamo G4 at 2.31 with a major 31 cents increment from the previous week , Natural Djimmah G5 at $1.97/Ib.& Natural Lekempti G5 at $2.00, in which the two coffees entertained 20 cents & above increments compared to the previous week.

The epic journey at times coupled with the waves is certain yet Sinopia as a business rooting its origin to the hearts of client delight , the waves have favored us for more milestones each & every week.

COE’S Ethiopia started pre-selections

COE Ethiopia announced the starting of the pre-selection stage with 848 farmer entries⁠.This year we will even get better chances to see high profile coffees from relatively new areas .

SCA’s Boston Expo to take place in next week

America’s largest specialty coffee trade show, will be taking place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. This year will see 400 exhibitors showcasing products and services and along with the intriguing various competitions.



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