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  • Ethiopian auction coffees reaching newer heights 

Ethiopian auction coffees reaching newer heights 

27 August 2022

Ethiopian auction coffees reaching newer heights  

The positive notes of August seem to continue for the Ethiopian coffee community. Cup of Excellence Ethiopia (COE) has announced the top-scoring coffee of COE Ethiopia 2022 sold at a record-breaking price of $884.10/kg ($400.50/Ib., ETB 47,236.23/kg), the highest price ever recorded for Ethiopian green coffee bean.

ECTA & COE Ethiopia congratulated and thanked all the concerned stakeholders and participants in the results achieved & for showing their continuous support to Ethiopian coffee farmers.

WCR’s Partnership with Ethiopia

World Coffee Research (WCR) announced its collaboration with Ethiopia to strengthen the future of coffee in the country.  WCR has been working with the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) to support their work in bringing improved varieties of coffee beans to farmers.

WCR expressed its excitement in partnering with Ethiopia to advance agricultural innovation in the world’s most crucial coffee origin.

Registration opens for Café Show Seoul 2022

Café show Seoul is one of the world's largest coffee business platforms held annually every November supposed to be a must-attend event to revitalize the global coffee industry. 

The 20th edition of this event will be held from 23th - 26th of November 2022 with the World Coffee Leaders Forum and the Seoul Coffee Festival spicing it up. Registration for the event has started and more than 2,000 exhibitors are expected at the event.

Sinopia Coffee has been a prominent participant in consecutive events showcasing hand-picked & hand-crafted Ethiopian green coffees catering to the needs of our South Korean coffee friends & clients.

Higher coffee prices in Europe 

Coffee prices have been rising in Europe over the last few months reaching $2.60 in July 2022, before backing down to $2.16 in August. According to experts, the situation is unlikely to change in near time soon.

Increased demand, geopolitical trends, logistics dynamics, increase in shipping costs, rising energy prices & climatic events in some producing countries have resulted in higher wholesale prices.

Uganda’s July exports 

Uganda’s July coffee exports were registered to be 576,468 bags dropping by 17.7% compared to the same period of the prior year. Authorities claimed the little rain resulted in the decline of the produces.

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