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The Ethiopian Coffee Day

17 September 2022

The Ethiopian Coffee Day 

It is known that International coffee day is celebrated on the 1st of October with some date variations in producing & consuming countries. Recently the ECTA announced Ethiopia’s National Coffee day to be set on September 15. Following the announcement the 1st National  Ethiopian coffee day was celebrated on September 15 and 16, 2022 with the theme “Our Coffee for our Unity and Prosperity.” The two-day celebration commenced at Sheraton Addis with emphasis on milestones achieved on the record exports of 4.9million green coffee bags.

The event highlighted the potential within the Ethiopian export coffee supplies & the expected collaboration from the various stakeholders. 

It is well-remembered that in the previous Ethiopian fiscal year, export earnings reached a record $1.4 billion.

The event concluded by awarding green coffee exporters, suppliers & coffee farmers who had a significant contribution to these export achievements. 

Coffee For Strengthened Ethio-China Friendship

The sino-Ethiopian coffee event was held in the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing with the theme “Taste from the Origin”.The event was intended to promote the quality associated with Ethiopian coffee. Ambassador Teshome Toga remarked that coffee has long been a reliable source of foreign currency earnings and revenue for millions of Ethiopian families. The Ambassador added that China's green coffee imports from Ethiopia have significantly grown in recent years.

According to Yuan Wei, Director of the Ethiopian Coffee Culture Center, an increasing number of Ethiopian coffee consumers are becoming aware that Ethiopia is not only the origin of coffee but also one of the very best coffee suppliers in the world. 

The event was attended by numerous Chinese coffee businessmen & diplomats of various African countries.

The Establishment of ENCA 

Five existing & new coffee associations formed the Ethiopian National Coffee Association (ENCA).

ENCA is expected to support the various aspects of the industry with an emphasis on safeguarding farmers from production inputs shortages & the global coffee market's unbalanced influences.


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