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Happy International Coffee Day

01 October 2022

Happy International coffee day

Every year since 2015 October sets better with the celebration of International Coffee day. Earlier in 2014, it is to be remembered that the International Coffee Organization (ICO) came to a dedicating October the 1st to the “celebration of the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion” and as “an opportunity for coffee lovers to share their love of the beverage and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on the aromatic crop,”.

What is “The Circular Coffee Economy”?

This year’s coffee day is celebrated with the theme “The Circular Coffee Economy”.

As the ICO puts it the circular economy propels the interconnectedness between the various stakeholders in creating better jobs, pollution reduction & fighting climate change.    

Why the coffee day is important to Ethiopia & Sinopia?

This celebration even has significant importance to origins such as Ethiopia whose 15 million resident's livelihoods depend directly or indirectly on coffee. Before this year’s International Coffee day celebration, Ethiopia had its first National coffee day on the 15th of September with the theme “Our coffee for our unity and prosperity.”, undergoing to supply a record export of 6 million bags in its current FY.

It does not come as an overstatement as we at Sinopia celebrate the day with deep notes that concern the Ethiopian coffee produce & our export supplies. 

It comes at a time in which we usually get completely aligned with our producing partners, production preparation, and as we prime engagements with our dear clients. 

While we will share with you our brighter plans for the harvest ahead, our International Coffee Day celebration concluded with the sourcing preparations & testimonials considered to be significant in one of the most dynamic origins in terms of sourcing. Our engagement highlighted the progress & the adaptation strategies executed at district processing & sourcing. Addressing key issues in sub-origins & districts is of paramount importance in coffee quality in which the details are missed at times in origins such as Ethiopia. We also learned the approaches that we executed over the past few years have come to fruition in controlling the quality & movement of coffee in which greater care is shared by our esteemed clients. Representatives of our partner out-grower farmers, district sourcing officers, and various logistics & finance facilitators shared the sentiment that we are growing better with the valued actors & the industry. 

The International Coffee Day celebration is also a part of Sinopia’s commitment to learning & sharing the journey behind each cherry, bean & the amazing people who brought the treasures of Ethiopia.

Sinopia Coffee wishes a Happy International coffee day to our producer partners, roasters, traders & all coffee lovers. 

Let’s raise our coffee mugs to celebrate the day as we stay caffeinated responsibly!


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