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  • October sets colorful across the coffee week 

October sets colorful across the coffee week 

07 October 2022

Ethiopian Grand coffee tasting enters the African Record books 

The Oromo Cultural center held a coffee-tasting event themed with traditional presentations. The event saw the serving of 10,000 cups of coffee presented by 100 traditional baristas which went to be recorded in African Record books.

Coffee Resurrect making it to the final 

Food Tech Challenge has chosen Coffee Resurrect as one of the top 30 start-ups from 667 submissions out of 79 countries. Coffee Resurrect produces nutraceuticals & food from coffee waste. This year’s winners will tap into a cash prize, startup incentives, acceleration services, innovation grants, localization support, and mentorship programs worth $2 million.

World coffee & tea expo to take place in Nigeria 

The event is expected to stimulate the Nigerian & the region's coffee sector which is known for leading the production & supply of cacao.

Second Coffeex Libya 

Coffeex Libya is the region's unique event which attracted more than 10,000 visitors in 2021. The event reflected Libya's growing coffee culture & shade light on the region’s coffee market potential.

Starbucks’ 6,000th Chinese store opened last Friday 

The new store spots Starbucks’s 1,000th in Shanghai a record in Starbucks’s global account. As Starbucks puts it the most unique Shanghai Lippo Plaza Greener Store features leading sustainability solutions & digitized operations. Starbucks in celebration of this milestone also announced the launching of “Shanghai Coffee “ the first city-themed handcrafted coffee creation in China.

Since its entrance to mainland China Starbucks has gone innovative in scaling creative store concepts inclusive in serving communities & provide significant employment.

As Starbucks puts it, at Shanghai Lippo Plaza old green aprons are upcycled in creating the signature artwork that communicates important milestones in Starbucks' journey in China.

Added to these milestones the company is still looking ahead to operating 9,000 stores across 300 Chinese cities in the next 3 years & increasing the number of Greener stores to 2,500 by 2025.

China’s coffee scene has also seen historic trajectories, with green coffee imports from Ethiopia reaching 200,000 bags in the 2021/22 Ethiopian coffee year. This has placed China as the 8th top importer jumping from the 33rd place in the prior Ethiopian coffee year.

It is within our ever-growing commitment that we at Sinopia look forward to establishing fruitful relationships. We believe these relationships will greatly enable us to understand & satisfy the demands for Ethiopian coffee across mainland China. 

MICE 2022 welcomed a record 15,076 visitors 

Australia’s Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) is one of the leading coffee events in the industry and is attributed to be the largest in the Asia - Pacific region. The visitors' number reached the highest since its 2012’s inception with a 25% increase from the 2019 event .2022 edition saw more than 15,000 visitors from 71 countries hinting at better days in post-covid time for such kinds of coffee events.

The event’s director Lauren Winterbottom happily emphasized MICE 2022 went as a big reunion & celebration of Australia’s & global coffee industry.

Coffee is enjoyed as “ heart-healthy behavior”

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology came up with findings on the positive impacts of coffee in lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease. The study examined the associations between types of coffee, the occurrence of arrhythmias, cardiovascular disease, and death based on UK Biobank’s data with age group between 40-69 years. The research used instant, ground & decaffeinated coffee. The research grouped the participants into six categories based on daily intakes consisting of none, less than one, one, two to three, four to five, and more than five cups per day. Findings indicated all coffee types were related to a reduction in incident cardiovascular disease. As the study author Professor Peter Kistler puts it, we will continue our heart-healthy behavior and share this gift with friends, families & partners.

‘’Atlas of American coffee” releases fall report 

It is to be recalled the growth in specialty coffee consumption was one of the key highlights of NCA’s National Coffee Data Trends spring edition. The fall edition’s results emphasized the notable increase in coffee consumption in the 18-24 age group. The findings for the consumption of coffee showed with 30 % of the respondents took flavored coffee within the previous day & while 32 % reported having taken flavored coffee within the prior week.

Labeled “The Atlas of American coffee” by NCA, the NCDT has been a thorough report with survey results related to Americans’ coffee consumption, habits  &  practices since 1950.


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