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  • Bench Sheka will double its supply to 70,000 MT 

Bench Sheka will double its supply to 70,000 MT 

18 October 2022

Bench Sheka will double its supply to 70,000 MT 

Ethiopia’s Spring season marks the beginning of the harvest for most of the high-altitude areas while some areas in regional states such as South Western Ethiopia have marched well with the harvest.

The Southern Western Ethiopia Region produces one of Ethiopia’s cheered coffee collections such as Benchi & Keffa. The region’s major coffee-growing sub-regions(zones) include Dawro, Konta, Sheka, keffa & Bench Sheka with export coffees like Bench Maji, Kafa, & Geisha bringing names to this region.

Among these coffee-growing sub-regions, Bench Sheka constitutes the largest catchment area with over 127355.5 ha of land. Many Ethiopian coffee growing areas, particularly the highlands, share the October/November-January/February timeline whereas in areas such as Bench Sheka harvest starts in early August -September, and ends in November.

Following the ongoing harvest, the sub-region’s administration announced bold news regarding the doubling in supply expectations. We have witnessed sharp increases in this region in the past couple of years with the supplies of 2021/22 reaching a record 30,150 MT. As per the sub-regions, the office's latest announcement the region will be supplying an estimated 70,419MT produce to the central export coffee supplies market. The increase in volumes affirms the sub-region's contribution to Ethiopia‘s grand export supplies of 300,000MT supplies. 

Benchi Maji coffee is the sub-region’s signature export variety which shares sweet floral notes & crisp acidity with the neighboring Djimmah & Limmu coffees.

It is to be remembered that the sub-region's achievement had been warmly appreciated & awarded by FDRE President in being recognized as the largest coffee supplier in Ethiopia’s South West District (coffee belt).

Along with our meticulous preparation in the neighboring Djimmah area, our district sourcing & quality officers were on top of these coffees and shared with us the promising quality of the samples.

We are happy to work with respected supply & farming partners in the area who share great coffees that enable us to serve in matching our client's key interests & needs.

4 billion coffee seedlings & “The Nekempte Coffee Declaration”

It is to be remembered earlier in July  Oromia’s region president Mr.Shimeles Abdissa tweeted the planting of 2.9billion coffee seedlings in tandem with the Nekempti Coffee Declaration. In his latest tweet, Shemlis announced the milestone in planting 4 billion coffee seedlings over the past 4 years. The additional 1.1billion resulted following the summer seedling planting program which ended a few weeks back.

Sources: https://twitter.com/ShimelisAbdisa


SCAJ 2022, Asia’s most sought-after specialty event 

Japan’s green coffee imports have dictated some of the industry’s growth, particularly the specialty coffee trade. Annual Japan’s Speciality Coffee Expo organized by SCA Japan brings the latest global highlights related to the specialty coffee industry. This year’s event was held with the theme "Come Join the Specialty Coffee Community" which attracted 35,000 visitors & participants from 40 countries. Japan has also been a key import destination for Ethiopian coffees ranking as the 5th largest importing country in the past 2021/22 Ethiopian coffee year. 


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