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  • Sidama coffee contributed to 25% of green coffee export volume

Sidama coffee contributed to 25% of green coffee export volume

16 November 2022


Sidama coffee contributed to 25% of green coffee export volume 

Ethiopia’s 3 months of green coffee export have brought above $426.15million (July-September). The Ethiopian coffee & tea authority (ECTA) planned to earn 430.30$ million by exporting above 87,454MT of green coffee & concluded by shipping more than 72,864 MT. This has seen an additional $98.28 million compared to the same time of the 2021/22 Ethiopian coffee year with an execution rate increment of 29.98%.

Germany’s imports accounted for 21% of the total quantity and a revenue share of 17% while Saudi Arabia bought 13% accounting for 11% of the revenue share. Belgium took third place with import volumes of 10% and covering a 10.6% revenue share. The USA, UAE, South Korea, China, Japan, Italy & France took the ranks from 4th-10th. The top 10 destinations accounted for 82 % of import volumes & 81% of revenues with a 30% increase in revenues, despite a 17% decrease in volume compared to 2021’s same period.  

In terms of coffee types, the 6 core export coffee types took the majority share both in volume & revenue. Among these, Sidama’s volume contribution ranked 1st with a 26% share of total volume and amounting to 29% of total revenues. Lekempti coffee came in second place while Yirgaeheffe took third place. Djimmah, Guji & Limmu took the remaining 3 ranks.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/EthioCTA/posts/pfbid0hBUN5NxGXbbnTQQQk6WrFtDtPd8pC3bMDripRe9BLBNvUhCS5Ao2n7QDytDkguNXl

Ethiopia’s coffee at Japan’s specialty coffee event 2022 

According to ECTA’s reports, Japan was the 5th largest importer of Ethiopian green coffee in 2021/22 F.Y. The event was opened by a ribbon-cutting ceremony by delegates from exporting countries.

Ethiopia’s SCAJ participation has gone eventful with the promotion of the outstanding qualities associated with Ethiopian specialty coffee. The Ethiopian Coffee Association (ECA), 40 Ethiopian coffee exporters, and the Ethiopian Chamber of Sectoral Associations (ECSA) represented Ethiopia at the event. It is remembered that the event saw 35,000 visitors from 40 countries & 200 exhibitors.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ethioembtokyo/posts/pfbid0TnzGuB9ZypnMS2xfWo55t7Cx35cj3m6TQEnvHwHeHzHVyvU7ZrvrPEBWh8u6uWPXl

The second World of coffee Dubai 

In January 2022 the first World of Coffee Dubai was held at Dubai Exhibition Center where 200 exhibitors showcased & attended by 7,000 visitors. The second event will take place from 11-13 January 2023 featuring Roaster villages, UAE National Championship & other coffee community activities included.

According to Ethiopia Coffee & Tea Authority, 2022/23 F.Y first quarter report UAE has emerged as the 5th largest importer of Ethiopian green coffee. 



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