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  • Our Natural Guji Grade 1 won Ethiopia Taste of Harvest 2022/23

Our Natural Guji Grade 1 won Ethiopia Taste of Harvest 2022/23

17 February 2023

 The 2022/23 edition of Ethiopia Taste of Harvest was held from February 6–8, 2023, at the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority laboratory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. More than 85 exporters have submitted their 83 or higher-scoring samples, for a total of 101 samples (85 high-scoring naturally processed coffee samples and 16 washed processed coffee samples).

We are happy to announce that we won first place in the natural coffee category. Our Natural Guji Grade 1 coffee ranked first with a score of 90.85 (the highest score in the competition). 

This achievement has significant importance to our hardworking outgrower farmers, who toil day and night to produce this incredible coffee. Most of these farmers grow coffee in their backyards in the fertile soil of Uraga. This means a lot for Guji coffee as well, which had been outranked by Sidama coffee in major specialty coffee competitions.

The African Taste of Harvest coffee competition—"African Taste of Harvest"—is an annual high-end specialty-coffee grading event for different coffee-producing countries, reaching a peak at the African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition and the AFCA Specialty Coffee Expo. We firmly believe we will win this competition on behalf of Ethiopian exporters with the dependable performance of Ethiopian coffee.

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