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  • The EIAR, ECTA, and WCR are working on improving Ethiopian coffee varieties

The EIAR, ECTA, and WCR are working on improving Ethiopian coffee varieties

17 June 2023

The EIAR, ECTA, and WCR in improving coffee varieties

The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) is one of the mentionable institutions in Ethiopian coffee development programs. Recently, the EIAR announced its collaboration with the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) and World Coffee Research (WCR) to bring outstanding coffee varieties and increased accessibility to coffee farmers at a seminar held earlier this week. Kraig Kraft (Ph.D.), Asia and Africa director at WCR, shared a global perspective on coffee innovation. Taye Tadesse (Ph.D.), Crop Director at EIAR, on his part, emphasized coffee breeding as a significant driver of coffee development in Ethiopia. Adunga Debela (Ph.D.) briefed on the research and road map prepared to be implemented in the coming six years. It is expected that this collaboration will result in the improvement of coffee varieties and increase productivity while sustaining the most unique flavors associated with Ethiopian coffee.

ECTA reported exports of 210,000MT of coffee

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) reported the exports of 210,000 MT of coffee over the past 11 months of the ending Ethiopian fiscal year (July 8, 2022–July 7, 2023). According to the authority, the majority of export volume was accounted for by the export of 2021/22 harvest coffees during the first half of the fiscal year, with revenues totaling more than 1.1 billion USD for the period covering July 8–June 7, 2022.


World of Coffee 2023 travels to Athens  

Europe’s World of Coffee is one of the Speciality Coffee Association's (SCA) highly anticipated annual events, with a range of activities and platforms all happening under one roof. This year, the trade show will take place in Athens, Greece, from June 22 to 24, 2023.


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