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Ethiopian naturals in demand

13 February 2022


Global green coffee prices steadily increased

ICO’s January market report pointed out coffee exports from Africa have seen an additional 190,000bags during October-December 2021 compared to the same period of 2020. The report also pointed out the consistent global price increment which has been going on for more than a year with a record $2.41/Ib in January 2022.

Ethiopia Arabica coffee trade through the week

The natural green coffee trade seems to get fueled as ECX’s trading floor traded above 1,634,295kg of green coffee, with a 200k kg increase to the foregoing week. The trade of Naturals accounted for 1,471,163 kg with an additional 155k kg & Washed ones covered more than 163,130 kg. The volume of natural Lekempti recorded to be 83,060kg a close to the previous week while the volume of natural Sidamo traded reached 39,780kg which has seen a cut by half. ECTA's minimum prices for selected naturals include Lekempti G5 going at $1.72/Ib.Natural Djimmah at $1.69/Ib.& Natural Sidamo G4 at $1.95/Ib., up 2 cents, 1cent & 2cents respectively compared to the prior week.

Ethiopia Taste of Origins Forum

Ethiopia Taste of origin business forum was held on 9th February 2022 at Expo 2020 Dubai UAE which has been going from Oct 1st, 2021-March 30,2022. The forum aimed at promoting Ethiopia's rich agriculture and food products: coffee, pulses, sesame, meat & livestock.

5 million cups of coffee to be served at the cradle of Arabica coffee

The FDRE Ministry of Tourism announced it will be hosting a national coffee drinking event by the end of February by serving 5 million cups across the capital Addis Ababa & the regional states. The Ministry hopes to see the event be recorded at Guinness world records for the highest number of coffee drunk at a point in time. The event at the capital set to serve 5k cups is expected to be attended by numerous international diplomats & ambassadors, higher government officials & international media.




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