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Arabica's darling sees a record green coffee shipment 

19 February 2022

Ethiopia Natural coffee trade through the week

It has been an exciting week for us, as export booked Natural coffees reached our warehouses in bulk amount for final processing.ECX’s trading floor traded above 647,930kg of natural green coffee. ECTA's minimum prices for selected naturals include Natural Sidamo G4 going at $1.98/lb. , Natural Djimmah & Lekempti G5 at $1.71/Ib., up 3 cents in Sidamo & up 2 cents in Djimmah & Lekempti compared to the prior week.

Ethiopia sees a record green coffee shipment 

Ethiopia’s green coffee export shipments have brought $645.10 million over the past 7 months. ECTA planned to earn $451.33 million by exporting 137,048.30 MT of green coffee in the past seven months & concluded by shipping 162,818MT which has seen up 119% from projections. Revenues have also seen up 143% above projections. Compared to the same period last year, the shipment volume increased by 59,010 MT while the revenue increased by $299.01 million. Germany’s imports accounted for 39,579.92 MT (24%) and revenue of $137.86 million (21%), while Saudi Arabia bought 24,563MT (15%) at a cost of $65.79 million (13%).Japan took third place with imports of 17,239.25 MT (11%) and worth $55.02 million. Belgium, the US, South Korea, Italy, China, France, and Taiwan took the ranks from 4th-10th.The top 10 destinations accounted for 82 % import volumes & 81 % revenues with an increase of 84% & 100% import volumes & revenues respectively compared to 2021’s same period.The authority credited the Ethiopian coffee performance primarily to the improved services & products in the value & supply chain.

Brazil sees a record decrease in exports

Brazil’s past 7 months coffee exports were recorded to be 19.2% less compared to the same period of 2020/21 along with increased local prices. Green coffee shipments were down by 21% with 20,348,796 bags & Arabica exports accounted for 18,448,740 bags down.



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