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Superior Ethiopian Honey Specialties

26 February 2022

 Ethiopia green coffee trading updates

As the wonderful news around Ethiopian coffee continues ECX’s floor concluded with the local trade of 590,000kg Ethiopian green coffee. The trade of Naturals accounted for over 430,000kg while washed ones covered 150,000kg.ECTA's minimum prices for in-demand naturals have been going Natural Sidamo G4 at $1.97/Ib.,Natural Djimmah G5 at $1.70/Ib.& Natural Lekempti G5 at $1.74/Ib, In which prices increased for Lekempti G5 up 3 cents, & down 1cent for the previous two compared to the previous week.

Superior Ethiopian Honey specialties

ECTA briefed Ethiopia has earned more than $20 million from the sales of 8MT honey processed coffee to the Canadian green coffee market. The coffee has been produced with collaboration from 58 cooperatives & 6 unions found in Bench Maji, keffa, Sheka, Illubabor & Bale areas. Ethiopian Honey specialty has a cup score of 90 -100 & categorized under “outstanding specialty coffee” as per industry standards. The project has come to fruition with the support of GIZ Ethiopia & the various stakeholders in coffee production.


The potential for Ethiopian coffee circulation

Circular Agribusiness aims in minimizing the value lost in the processing of raw materials, components & products in a closed cycle. Coffee circulation prevents & optimizes waste in coffee processing significantly contributing to sustainable farming. Studies by the IKEA foundation mention Ethiopia’s great potential for circular agribusiness. Ethiopian coffee processing releases 192,000MT coffee husk per year which can be processed into organic fertilizers, ice-creaming toppings & bedding for chickens. Coffee cherry pulp byproduct covers 29% of the cherry during wet processing. This byproduct serves as livestock feed with good results apart from serving as a fertilizer on a commercial scale.



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