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Abundant Harvest 

24 July 2022

Abundant Harvest 

ECTA’s DG Adunga Debela announced there will be surplus production following the coffee tree rejuvenation works over the past 4 years. Through this initiative, 400,000 hectares of land have been rejuvenated  & recently given fruits. This development has given promises of increased production which we hope to see in the next crop. It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has managed to ship 300,000 MT in the recently ended FY.

COE Ethiopia decorated with Sidama coffees 

Legese Botosa’s Sidama coffee took 1st place at COE Ethiopia’s 2022  Presidential Award winners category scoring 90.69 while the 2nd ranking Sidama coffee scored 90.25. The 4th & 5th place was also taken by Sidama coffees only to be preceded by Djimmah coffee which took third place scoring 90.19. The 2022’s event entertained 15 women joining the final shortlisting & including a rank among the top 40 winners.

Colombia’s June coffee exports grew by 6%

Colombia’s coffee production for June has seen a 149,000bags decrement compared to June 2021. Despite these changes, export volumes grew by 6% compared to the same period of 2021 as reported by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC).

Most popular coffee chain in the world 

Analysts at BuinessFinancing.co.uk announced Starbucks as the most sought-after coffee shop chain in 143 countries out of 161 using Google search as a metric.

CRG & Diedrich Roasters announced scholarship winners  

Coffee Roasters Guild is an annual event in which coffee roastings professionals network, share experiences & build relationships. Related to this year’s event, the organizers announced the retreat’s 5 scholarship winners.



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